Today is the last day in the Chinese calendar. I’m having a big celebration party for the Chinese New Year, and this reminds me who I really am, where my roots are, which I’m pretty proud of. I see these as part of the outwards of me in the real life and how it influencing to the society. Some of the tradition games were really really fun, that me and friends can play all night and we did. I’m thinking adding the game to my research for relationships . The ‘relationship’ is the new words coming to my project, and I’ll put it in the outwards. So far I found that my research are so separately, I think I need a thing to link this two together. 


After the textile interview from yesterday, I finally can have some time to working on this new Inwards & Outwards project. After I took a good look at the project brief, I’m thinking that I definitely need to explore myself a little bit more and outright. So I spend some time looking for all the information about myself on the digital world, because It’s way faster and easier to collect the informations. It sounds kind fun, like creating a overall digital ID to present. However I am a bit confused about the relevances between this ‘ID’ and the project name. So I’m thinking of dividing them two sections: the “outside” me, which is what I show to the public and things I post on social media; the other is the “inside” me, which is what I kept in my saved section, my heavy rotation on Spotify or sound cloud, and some statistical graphics to show how much time I spent on my phone. I screenshot a lot pic to define myself and use all of this as the inwards me — the unreal digital world. 


After the lecture, I went home straightaway to my work. Specifically the denim. I didn’t fully finished at all. Also the a2 sheet, I only have three or four of them out of twenty. I’m a real slow worker, which I real hate it about myself. The last few days have been super crazy busy trying to finish my denim project in time to include it in my portfolio. Its been very stressful because I want to complete it to the best of my ability but I also want to make sure I finish it in time to include a more finalized project in my portfolio because currently I have one project with a final outcome and one with just a proposed outcome. I have spent the last few days super busy manipulating and draping fabric after coming up with a final design based off of one of my collages/illustrations. 




Today was our first in class work day on our new project. I began by pulling out my research images as well as my samples, however this day did not go as I expected. We began by doing six different drawing exercises with our research in order to create some pages in our sketchbook that showed observational drawing. First we began by creating a small series of observational drawings/collages in order to really look at the intricacies of our denim. We also started looking at our research and drawing into it with the intention of looking into why we wanted to reference certain images and what kind of emotion or vibe they evoked as opposed to consistently just cutting and pasting things into our sketchbook. I felt that while these exercises were super helpful, I wish I would have known what we were doing before I came in because I felt slightly underprepared for the workshop as I was led to believe that we would be expanding upon our samples today. 

Next, we did a class walk-around of the work which was interesting because I expected to see a lot more similar work then I did (ex.utilitarian, cowboys, etc). While this was odd, this also reassured me with my direction for my work because my only worry with pursuing this trope of cowboys and southern belles was that it was going to be overdone by others in the class and that, as a result, my mocking tone wouldn't come through.  However, this worry was laid to rest once I realized only one other person I was aware of was approaching the same subject and that they were doing it in an entirely different manner.


Make a set of illustration to look at the composition on the body and making the final lanyard piece. It was mainly easy in the process as I already got plan what should I do, but I found that the net fabric is loose, it is impossible to stitch the plastic part on the net to connect them – same as the super glue and hot glue, it will go through to the table top. Also, the tape is the option I want to keep as the last one as a result will not neatly look, even the clear one. The net is stretchy make it difficult to join the parts. I found the cable tie work nicely on this because it can tie the net and plastic part with no problem like glue on tape and also give a nicely stripe look that can go along with my theme. Tape the corner of the net frequently. The technique of braiding is giving a dedicate effect with medium effort, not consume too much time and provide the tribal sense finish mixed with the contemporary looking well. However, I think I can spend more time to research on technique more next time, make it more detail and dedicate. I very satisfy with the material used as it answers the purpose of green design with very efficient use the amount of supply. I feel that I still in my comfort zone of playing with the simple technique can be made by hand as a limited facility in my place and make the project based more on the experimental part. I should learn more about the proper technique, maybe using the machine or facility provided in the campus as now I have facilities provided – plus the technician.


I’m still struggling with the research part. This project is quite difficult, I don’t have a theme to support the project, which is challenging to seek. I was thinking about materials that I want to use in the project. Metals was kind inspiration for me, ( I feel so weird, I’m literally writing what I have in the head.) and this elements lead to a topic punk. By using this stone wrapping technique I will trap objects in lanyards. They are gonna be fur ball, painted flower, made-objects of clay, stones and cherries. For cherries (real cherries dipped in resin and dried), black cords going around them may not look as clean as it should be, so still trying to come up with different ideas of trapping them. Thinking of clear strings only around cherries, at the moment. I sought out to do the ways to hang or trap small objects in the strap and figured this is the most appropriate way. I can trap them loose or tight, I can position the objects the way I want by using this technique. 

ba talk

My morning started with BA Fashion students talks at archway, which really got me excited about the possibilities of the next few years. Although I decided that I wanted to apply to both FDM and Print, the latter really caught my interest during the talk. The portfolio sheet they did and the creativity and playfulness of the course really caught my attention. I think that I’m still deciding between choosing a course that is minimal vs. imaginative for my BA. 

I spent the majority of my afternoon working on A2 sheets. I wanted to focus on design development and samples, which is something that I’ve not done as successfully as I could in the past. Designing in groups and taking small steps in development is important to collection development. I put some of the drawings into the sheets and played with using liners  in different treatments.


Geometric Shape Workshop

I actually managed to find interesting shapes when draping with my fabric , placing them in a circular shape along the back. This is definitely a way in which the manipulation could inform my design process. I do think I could incorporate the sillhouette into a garment design in a more minimal setting, melding masculine and feminine ideas

I was quite pleased with the drawing I did as well, working in ink and pen to capture the graphic shapes.


I went to the library to work on my sketchbook, creating both digital collages and markmaking pages to inform my work. I think that I was able to successfully create pages that referenced and played off of the research that I had done. I started using a wide range of media, using watercolor and ink washes that I typically don't use. 

I continued with research as well, deciding to continue to search as broadly as possible, trying not to limit myself in terms of what to look at. Something that we had discussed with fei.



Our work in class began with a workshop from Chris on garment manipulation techniques. Beginning with some tubes and sticks , we we challenged to change the identity and subvert the shapes on a model. He asked us to use techniques such as gathering, and drawstring to transform the shape. A lot of my interest is in adding subtle changes inform, and I became interested in ways of contorting the body. Such was seen with the drawstring, it pulled the arms of the wearer towards each other to create a contorted shape. 

These techniques are definitely items I can keep in mind when creating the outcome for this project. Although I would like to build a garment from scratch, incorporating new construction methods could be very beneficial. 

The afternoon consisted of embroidery and macrame the other group did. We were doing so kind of collaborations, but it's wan't that interesting  compare to the workshop with Chris, so I was not overly inspired by the workshop.

Macrame is something I have always wanted to try but never had the opportunity to, so I found this lesson very informative, because after the workshop, my friend in the other group thought me how to do it.



culture swap

The culture swap project was one of my favourite project since part 1, I was very looking forward to it. In this project I was mainly focus on my childhood and my interest. During the research, I paid a lot attention to TCM, which means traditional Chinese Medicine. The reason for that is my father is a traditional Chinese doctor, when I was little, I spent the whole time at my parents' pharmacy. The smell of herbs and wooden cabinets are the most impressive memories I have. So I put many herbs shape in the research and make them to some interesting silhouette.


Today is a such bad day to me. I LOST MY PHONE!!!!!! Someone stole it while I taking the underground to get home. I was pissed off when I finally realised after I got off from the tube. This unfortunate and unforgettable experience taught me one thing, never never put your phone in the outside pocket. And it’s kind of slightly related to the outwards and it could be the element of the later on design. People only know what is like when you actually experienced it, like lost a phone. This anxiety really pushed me to edges. I took a little time to imagine what will it be when I can’t use my phone for a long time, and it was so horrible that I quickly washed it out of my mind. This just can’t happen again. This all issues made realise that phone is just becoming something that I can’t live without in the daily routine. I’ll use it as another point for the project. 


I have only two days left.  I’m so stressed. So freak up about the interview, I do I really do. I still need to finished the drawings of the A2 sheet, and some small textile samples to put on the A2 sheet. It's the final stretch of preparation for interviews, I was really worried how this was going to come out.  This was a bit stressful but taking the photos didn't take too long. Overall though, I was really happy with the results of my efforts as I feel they accurately demonstrate my conception an innovative way. The rest of the last couple days was spent reworking some aspects of my portfolio sheets and preparing for my interview by trying to anticipate questions they would ask and researching into the course. I was quite nervous about the interviews since they were so short but I felt that mine actually went really well! I feel that the tutors interviewing me were impressed by my answers to their questions and that they liked my work. Hopefully i get into the course but i am very anxious to hear back because I am nervous.





I had this tutorial for A2 sheets today, it was very helpful and useful for the portfolio. Specially the planner, the tutor was so nice to me and pre plan the portfolio order for me. This is like the guide, which I finally have a detection for those a2 sheets. I’m planning to use my cultural swap project, the neighbourhood project, and the denim project. 


WechatIMG1.jpeg.1After the critic, we had the denim project brief, I was pretty stressed to be informed that we only have 2 week to finish the whole project, and also the school interview start at 30th this month. So I did a short time table for myself to get through all of this stressful time.


Tried the material manipulation and to put sample onto the body. I tried several approaches of manipulating materials to make the waste materials from different source seem to go along. I inspired hugely by the artist Jane Bowler exploring her method of manipulating materials. Learning from her that mainly uses unconventional materials like plastic make me got an idea of using the same approach on every waste materials — this way each of them will seem to have something in common and can go along. After tried using the same approach on every waste materials I got manipulated them the solution seems to be work as each of the waste material look more connected. From tried to put my sample onto the body to get the proportion and space between body and object I got the rough idea of how the lanyard will stay on the body.  I interested in the idea of a cover and see-through as the key of my theme – how tribal community hide their individual identity inside the mask but in the other hand still present themselves a bit when it comes to the face paint. The similarity and contrast of these two things make me want to combine them, looking at it as the same thing. My aim to make the piece both can cover and see-through – have to find the see-through material. My action plan are find the see-through material to combine with the waste plastic (cover), and more idea of composition.

Curate Project

Today we started to prepare things for a portfolio. I found that this session is beneficial for me to get an idea what I should include or not. Here the few things I want to take note from talked to BA students – portfolio ideas. Organise by project, the portfolio should show the development process from research, development to a conclusion which has to be in the same theme and make sense by itself – portfolio speak in itself, no explanation.Shows variety, can pull the original one from the sketchbooks for portfolio and then put the photocopy back in to fill the gap.

The illustration is significant, have a box to put chunky samples in. Play with scale, Scan, the diverse range of textiles, prints weave knit , good ideas for including, good to start with research and colour palette, put research with samples and draw in the pages, inspiration, samples and final picture together in the same page.

Mini photo shoot or research book on the page, 3D+Collage. Redraw over the printed images. Mark-making over the image – make the pages feel fresh not just collection of photos. For the task today to experiment on laying the portfolio trying out the different composition for sheets. I think, for me before I will print picture and working on laying actual sheets with white tack.

I should exploring the layout by scan my sketchbook and working on it in Photoshop first because I think it easier for me to play with composition or even save many versions and compare them also I don’t have to print things out that maybe I not going to use– less waste. After I quite sure which part I going to use I then try on the printed version. After trying both combinations on Photoshop. the landscape is easier to laying my work on as my sketchbooks are landscape one so most of my work fitted in this format.

However, the portrait has some advantage too, this layout makes pages seem to be bigger so it's a wider range to play with? talking to a lot of people I found that most people use landscape, barely anyone uses portrait. I also think that I should use the same layout in every page of the portfolio because of it easier to flip through. so maybe I try few projects layout first to see most of them fitted on which one.

white show

After watching the whole show, I felt some thing deep down I definitely need to work harder, for this days I didn't really pushing myself to the edges and the time manage is also a very big problem for me. All in all, I feel that I have done some good work in this part, but I haven’t quite reached a place that I’m super happy at for my projects. I definitely want to think about the next brief over break, as I find that I am able to develop loads of ideas when I am not stressed. Taking in as much as I can  and hope my break can help to inform my next outcome.

colour sculpture

Today was difficult. We began by revisiting the sculptures we had made at the end of Monday and started using those to create a new range of samples. I feel like I struggled a bit with this because my sculpture did not have much to do with my previous research as well as being exclusively one color (green) while the rest of my work had multiple colors within it. I  also spoke to one of my tutors in the morning, and while she didn't have much that was bad to say about my work, she also didn't have much to day that was good. She urged me to move away from the weavings i  had been doing because they were too boring and reminded me that I could incorporate other elements into my samples, that they did not have to be traditional textiles. While I felt that this was harsh, it was extremely helpful and I began to realize that through working with unconventional materials, I had to develop new techniques and therefore my outcomes were much more interesting.

After lunch we had created a small series of five samples and were told to do a series of drawings on them. I didn't find these to be helpful, however, after those drawings we went through a small exercise as a class where we went through our sketchbooks as well as our existing samples in order to find certain elements we liked and create a sort of menu out of them to draw inspiration from. I found this ecxersise to be really interesting and helpful because it lets you isolate certain elements that you enjoy from all the work you have done so far and visually lets you see them to make it easier to combine in your final samples.

Elmgreen & Dragset

I went to see the exhibition today. I think the point being made may be more to do with - Why do we need a replica of a disused swimming pool? What artistic purpose does it serve? It isn't an interpretation, it is an exact replica. It's not art - it's a copy, in the same way a copy any famous painting would be laughed out of a gallery, why shouldn't we laugh at this and call it for what it is - a fake of sorts.

The painters mentioned in the comment above all added to our understanding of art-the rifle and swimming pool add nothing to the conversation except vacuous pontification on what may or not be meant by these works.

I can't tell how gratifying it is to see that all my comments haven't been in vain. I don't know how many times I've told aspiring artists, btl, that all they have to do to make a work of art these days, is 'think of some phenomenon which has never been called art before' (and if you possibly can, squeeze it into a gallery, just to emphasise the point that you're calling it 'art'.

And here we have an excellent example from leading art world stars, Elmgreen and Dragset - an old swimming pool! Well done lads. Didn't I always say it didn't have to be difficult at all. There are literally millions of possibilities to choose from.

Egon Schiele

I went to see the exhibition of Egon Schiele in RA, I was so excited that I could finally see the really one, this man has always be my biggest inspiration of my drawings, and his amazing watercolour skills, make me adore him even more.

self-directed study

Our work in class began with self-directed study, and I took this opportunity to review all of the work I had made and develop pages further. I think that I went in the right direction with my research and mark-making and continued with them. I think if I could building up the mix of the digital and the hand really will help in communicating between my mind and the actual pages.

The geometric, repetitive line work I made is really helping to inform my design development, and I think that merging this with the abstract shapes could create my final print design and silhouette. Another visual that I discovered were the collage process  that would translate really well to textile prints.

I found that expanding both my research and markmaking definitely helped to inform my making processes.